Treatment Options


At LBF we provide you with all the necessary treatment options to meet both the pathology of concern, and the budgetary needs of families. Just because something might work for one person, does not necessarily mean it is the best option for someone else. That’s why we’ll always do our best to provide you all the necessary information and a variety of suitable treatment options so that you... as a parent, guardian, or child… may choose a treatment option that you feel comfortable with and which best suits you (or your child!). Below are just some of the treatments that we provide at LBF.

Orthotics are in-shoe devices commonly used to correct gait (walking) abnormalities, among other conditions. Orthotics are highly specific to the individual and as such at Little BIG Feet we customize all of our in-shoe devices on-site. Given that no two feet are the same, it seems unrealistic to expect that two people could wear the same orthotics. At LBF, we either make the devices ourselves on site, or work closely with a laboratory to see that the devices are made to our specific needs.

Splints, Boots & Braces
Just as we do with our orthotics, we also make our own splints and braces on site. Most of these are made to a specific prescription with heat-mouldable thermoplastics. Splints and braces are commonly used to correct soft-tissue (and in some cases bony) alignment issues, such as juvenile bunions and rotational hip issues.
On occasions we may use prefabricated boots and braces. These are more commonly used for injuries, such as fractures that require stabilization and splinting.

Customised In-Shoe Padding & Strapping
In-shoe padding &/ strapping is often a sound economical alternative to orthotics. Strapping may be used to either alter the alignment of the foot/lower limb or it can be used to splint and protect painful or injured areas. In-shoe padding may be combined with strapping, or be used alone in the shoe(s) for minor corrections to the foot/lower limb.

Stretching & Strengthening Regimes
At LBF we recognise that stretching and strengthening activities can be difficult for kids to stick to! That’s why we attempt to make all of our prescribed activities fun, interactive and kid-friendly. After all… there’s no use prescribing something that just won’t get done!

Stretching and strengthening exercises are commonly overlooked by many therapists. There are so many little muscles deep within the feet and legs, and we believe that it’s vital to acknowledge these… especially because it can often be due to little muscle instabilities and weaknesses that we’re considering orthotics/splinting in the first place!

Gait Analysis & Retraining
Many children present with in-toeing, out-toeing, tripping, ataxic movements and other atypical gait patterns which may be brought about by developmental delays, neurological or movement disorders. In these instances, it is a major focus of ours at LBF not to simply put a device in the shoe or underneath the foot without addressing the causative factors. Our podiatrists are trained professionals who are able to assist with ambulatory issues by way of gait assessment and retraining.