Choosing Shoes

The hardest part about buying shoes is determining what size you actually need.

Sizes can vary greatly between brands. Therefore, it's important you don't assume that because your child is a certain size in one brand, that this is the size you will be in all brands.

Kids feet never stop growing, so we recommend measuring your child's feet every time you buy shoes; by taking an accurate measurement to choose the most appropriate size.

  • Feet change shape and size when non weight bearing or moving, so ensure your child is measured while standing tall and facing forward. 
  • Feet can be different sizes too. So ensure both feet are measured and take the  bigger measurement to accommodate the larger of the two.

Our foot ruler can be found under the photo of every product on our website. You can use it as a guide along with our brand size charts. You can find these under the "Size chart" product description for the shoe you're interested in!