About LBF Podiatry and Footwear

Little Big Feet is Queensland's only exclusively Children's podiatry clinic and shoe shop. At LBF we are two things.... FEET plus SHOES. We believe that Podiatry goes hand in hand with shoes and as such we've combined forces to bring you the one stop kid's Podiatry and Footwear shop!

With a fabulous team of qualified Podiatrists, we treat a range of conditions such as flat feet, hypermobility, and in-grown toe nails just to name a few! You can read more about our clinic here. We're also the home of Principal Podiatrist, Jason McLellan, who is Qld's only Board Certified Paediatric Podiatrist. And you can meet us all here

On the other hand (or foot!) we have shoes... and lots of them! We search all corners of the globe to hand pick what are in our opinion some of the best kids shoes in the world. You can browse our range here. Of course we'd love to see you in person in-store, because nothing beats properly measuring and fitting a child's foot, but we understand that's not always possible. Our website has a number of tools to assist you with measuring and selecting the best shoe for your child. If you're still having trouble, or just wanna chat... feel free to shoot us an email or call us in-store.