Little Big Feet is growing up

Little Big Feet is growing up


It’s been over 8 years since Jason and I decided to really pursue our passion…. Kids Podiatry. We’d had our “family” Podiatry Clinic since 2003, and after 9 years of treating more and more kids, we decided to open Little Big Feet– our dedicated kids clinic.  

That was possibly the best decision we could have made. Whilst at the time, in the wake of the GFC it may have seemed like a risky move, we were confident in our business and we understood our patients and what it took to make things work. We’d done it before, and we knew we could do it again. Only this time it would be better. We outgrew our first LBF space in only 18months and quickly moved into Kenmore. We’ve continued to grow and have enjoyed a fantastically loyal patient and customer base. Every day we wake up and feel so incredibly lucky to do what we do. There’s rarely a bad day. Being surrounded by kids and their adoring parents is a blessing. And being able to help them, whether it simply be by finding the best shoe possible for a first time walker, or getting rid of a child’s year-long foot pain. Or if it be putting a smile on that autistic child’s face as we find them their favourite colouring in sheet. It’s a blessing each and every day.

And now the time has come to move again. The kids are growing up. The first walkers are now half way through their first year of school. The prep kids are now in high school. Our tippy-toe walkers are now rough rugby players. And we still want to treat ALL of the kids. 6month-olds, 6 year-olds and 16 year-olds. So, we need more space. It’s time to grow up with the kids. It’s time to freshen up, pull-up our socks and re-brand Little Big Feet.

We’re thrilled to be moving to Corinda. We have twice the space. Heaps more clinical space for the ‘big’ and little kids. We have the space to employ our own gait assessment tools and an in-house lab. We are growing our retail to include some fabulous brands (ASICS too!!) and we will house lots more shoes – greater variety and greater size range. Because the kids’ feet are growing too. Netball shoes, track and field. You name it, we will have it.

As of the 1st August we’ll be Little Big Feet Paediatric and Adolescent Podiatry. We’re the same team. The same ethos. We’ll have just grown up a little. I don’t need to say much more, because our new site will do all the talking. So next time you’re grabbing a loaf of bread from Miettes (Corinda), or give your dog a bath at the Pet Café, drop on into Little Big Feet and check out our fabulous extensive range of kids shoes, or just pop on in to say hi and check out a pretty sweet new shopfit which we’re sure all the kids (young and old) will love!

A kids footwear store built by Podiatrists.

Shoes, joggers, first-walker shoes, sandals, wide-fit options, narrow choices, water shoes and more… LBF is your one- stop shop for your child’s footwear needs. 

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